Astron Energy Rebrands its Identity

ASTRON Energy revealed its new brand identity and what its network of Caltex service stations would look like when more than 850 retail sites would be rebranded to Astron Energy.

Astron Energy has unveiled a new logo and corporate colours, as well as the design of its forecourts.

Astron Energy owns South Africa’s second-largest petroleum network with over 850 Caltex-branded service stations in the country, as well as in Botswana. The existing service station network in South Africa and Botswana will be rebranded in the new corporate colours in a phased manner over the next few years.

Following the 2018 majority acquisition of the former Chevron SA – Caltex’s parent company – by commodities giant, Glencore SA Oil Investments, Astron Energy has been operating Caltex under a license agreement.

In a recent announcement, Astron Energy was awarded first place for customer service in the Petrol Stations Industry in the 2021 Ask Afrika Orange Index, a leading consumer survey to establish which companies provide the best customer experience in South Africa.

Astron Energy Interim CEO, Braam Smit, said, “The rebrand is a milestone moment for us on our journey to reimagine and reinvent ourselves. We have been a trusted player in fuels for over a century. We are looking forward to stepping confidently into the future and welcoming all our customers to our exciting new-look forecourts and experiences.”

“Astron Energy is the future of fuel and the rebrand creates the ideal platform to enhance our service offering through innovations and exciting products which are designed to speak to an ever-changing consumer landscape,” Smit added.

The brand change would also see service stations place careful emphasis on the basics, including bathroom facilities and lighting, as part of rejuvenating the overall customer experience.

The rebranding campaign will include Caltex’s refinery in Cape Town, its lubricant manufacturing plant in Durban, as well as 15 terminals, 180 commercial and industrial sites, and the company’s regional corporate facilities.

The name Caltex is a portmanteau of the two merging companies that formed the brand, Standard Oil of California, and the Texas Oil Company, with its famous star logo deriving from Texas’ state symbol. The brand’s bold new colours were specifically chosen to allow Astron Energy to stand out in a largely undifferentiated market that tends to stick to the traditional colours usually associated with fuel brands.

In August, the company announced that Astron Energy would become the overarching brand across corporate, commercial and retail, and will be the public face of the company at all forecourts and other key sites.

The name change and rebrand follow the 2018 change of ownership of Astron Energy and its exit from the Chevron group of companies. Since then, Astron Energy has been operating the Caltex brand under a licence agreement. The new corporate brand identity now sees all operations consolidated under a single, unifying brand.

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