Guinness Asset Management has been rebranded as Guinness Global Investors

The new brand identity, which also entails a new website and logo, has been designed to create consistency across the firm and reach out to an ever-expanding global audience while remaining true to Guinness’ core values.

The rebranded equity fund management activity of Guinness global, thematic and regional funds means they are embracing a global perspective. Guinness Global Investors’ investment philosophy is aimed at building equally weighted, high-conviction portfolios, which have low turnover and no benchmark constraints.

Chief Executive Officer of GGL, Edward Guinness, said: “Guinness has developed into a large, global business over the years and yet has kept true to its core belief in quality, high conviction, active fund management. Modern branding that is outward-looking and forward-thinking will allow investors to form a clearer impression of our investment approach and mindset.”

Guinness is independent and focused purely on investment management.

Guinness’ equity funds are available to international investors in both Irish and the UK domiciled Oeics and as SEC-registered funds, while ETFs for US investors are managed by sister company, Guinness Atkinson.

Guinness Atkinson Asset Management also operates as an investment management firm. The Company offers portfolio management and advisory services to individual and institutional investors. Guinness Atkinson Asset Management serves clients worldwide.

There are also the Guinness’ enterprise investment scheme services which invest in private and AIM-listed companies across a range of sectors.

Guinness’ fund range includes the Global Energy fund, managed by Citywire AA-rated Tim Guinness, + rated Will Riley and Jonathan Waghorn.

The fund lost 15.8% in the three years to the end of November as the lockdowns hit energy demand. This compares to an average loss of 7% in the peer group and a 3.6% decline in the MSCI World Index.

However, the fund rallied last year the global economy came out of lockdown, returning 46.7% over the last 12 months, beating the sector average of 37.3%.

Guinness Atkinson Funds are designed to help investors capitalize on the profound rate of innovation and change that characterize the 21st century, including long terms global trends such as the traditional and alternative energy sources that fuel economic development, the development of emerging Asian markets, and the continually transforming corporate landscape.

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