Pivot Energy Services Rebrands to Tallarna

Pivot Energy Services, a climate tech start-up for the built environment, has announced its rebrand to “Tallarna”.

The new name means “pine trees” or “the pines” in Swedish and is claimed to highlight “the company’s ability to reduce carbon emissions in buildings at speed and scale.”

Tallarna’s Swedish roots honour the company’s beginnings, founded in Stockholm in 2017 by Tim Meanock, Will Gayton, and Johan Signer.

The rebrand includes the launch of a new logo, website, and social media accounts, for a firm that is recognised by PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC) and the University of Cambridge as one of “the 20 hottest start-ups in AI” for the integration of its data analytics platform with a Fortune 500, A-rated insurer.

Tallarna’s plural meaning, “the pines”, highlights the need for a multi-faceted, collective approach to decarbonisation, one that incorporates environmental, social, and financial sustainability. This belief is seen in the company’s diverse partnerships across the building value chain, including with technology provider ABB.

Accelerating net zero is a cornerstone of Tallarna. Pine trees absorb CO2 on a large scale thanks to their fast growth and are part of a forest ecosystem that mitigates soaring temperatures. This climate tech start-up likewise stabilises the indoor environment and supports more comfortable, healthier homes.

Currently, less than 1% of building stock is zero carbon ready. But to reach net-zero by 2050, more than 85% of buildings will need to achieve this. In the UK social housing sector alone, this equates to retrofitting 3,307 homes per week. Tallarna is currently working with a significant number of social housing landlords, analysing portfolios of tens of thousands of properties at one time, to deliver flexible financing and procurement economies.

“As we grow and rebrand as Tallarna, we move into an exciting stage of our company’s evolution,” said Tim Meanock, co-founder and CEO, Tallarna.

“One that showcases our full strength in making building decarbonisation financially executable at scale,” he added.

Tallarna makes decarbonisation projects financially executable through an ecosystem approach. It connects the dots between data analytics, performance guarantees, and efficient funding, helping unlock “the trillions required in private investment”.

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