Security & Safety Things Rebrands as Azena

SECURITY & Safety Things has rebranded to become Azena: a new name for the 100% Bosch Group-funded business that underscores its corporate growth and leading-edge smart camera platform, while at the same time positioning the German concern – which is presided over by CEO Hartmut Schaper – for the next chapter in its “ambitious plans for redefining video analytics”.

First launched in 2018, the company, which is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Bosch, has grown to more than 120 employees spread across its headquarters in Munich, its technology Innovation Accelerator facility in Pittsburgh, and another development hub in Eindhoven, The Netherlands.

The Azena platform itself is comprised of an open operating system for cameras and an Application Store boasting somewhere in the region of 100 Artificial Intelligence (AI)-enabled video analytics apps. In essence, the platform enables smart cameras to simultaneously run multiple apps directly on a given device.

For their part, integrators can flexibly add or change apps on one or multiple cameras as needed for their end customers and use any of the 15 cameras from six different manufacturer partners – Bosch and Hanwha Techwin among them – in a variety of form factors.

The Azena Application Store features apps that address more than 40 different use cases in at least 25 different vertical markets, ranging from traditional perimeter security, retail loss prevention, and occupancy management to stadium security and even aquaculture.

Hartmut Schaper, the Chief Executive Officer of Azena said: “Systems integrators play a crucial role in connecting the video analytic edge devices on our platform into the larger system landscape for a truly data-driven approach to security, operational intelligence, and automation. Our new identity as Azena positions us for improved name recognition and market presence as we continue to add functionality and the potential for expansion into new markets for our systems integrator partners.”

Systems integrator Prosegur, one of the world’s largest security companies, has announced its collaboration with Azena to use analytics on the edge as part of its Security Operations Center as a service offering. By deploying more sophisticated analytics to measure activity or automatically verify alarms, incoming alarm traffic from customer sites can be prefiltered, reducing the number of alarms needing to be handled by human operators in the SOC, enabling a more appropriate response.

Integrators will find a host of other new features in the Azena platform designed to leverage device management capabilities and remote access for diagnosis and maintenance to cameras on a customer site, using Azena’s digital twin architecture.

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