Spotify Rebrands its Advertising Business and Courts Brands

Spotify has rebranded its advertising division from Spotify for Brands to Spotify Advertising – a sentence to make your head spin if ever we heard one.

The rebranding comes as Spotify launches its latest campaign to enlist more brands to advertise on its service.

The company changes are an attempt to attract small and medium-size businesses beyond the major brands it has traditionally focused on. And it is trying to attract more podcast publishers and creators to its ad marketplace, after saying earlier this year that its advertising growth has been hindered by limited inventory.

Spotify tries to broaden its ads business while persuading more podcasters to use the company’s ad marketplace is another priority.

How do you court brands? By advertising at them, of course! Spotify will be running ads across video and social media platforms as well as audio ads on its own service.

“Our goal is to start to really compete with Snap and Twitter and deliver on the expectations advertisers have, including small businesses,” said the company’s Chief Content and Advertising Business Officer Dawn Ostroff.

“It’s not just kind of the largest of brands and the biggest of shows, it’s also small- and medium-sized businesses and DIY creators,” said Jay Richman, Vice President and Head of Global Advertising Business and Platform at Spotify.

The campaign will run in markets including the U.S., Canada, the U.K., Australia, Spain, and New Zealand, using digital video, social media, and audio ads on and off Spotify. Ads show people walking or floating around in bubbles with the messaging, “Reach the most immersed audience.”

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