The Baseball Team “Beloit Snappers” Rebrands to “Beloit Sky Carp”

A long-gestating rebrand is finally complete for the Beloit Snappers, that their new mascot would be the “Sky Carp”. The team now formerly known as the Beloit Snappers kept that thought in mind when dreaming up their rebrand. Goodbye, Snappers. Hello, Sky Carp.

The franchise will begin the 2022 season with the new look, completing a transformation that also included a switch in affiliation to the Miami Marlins organization that began in 2021.

The team announced last September that it was holding a fan-based search for the new name, resulting in five finalists: Cheese Balls, Polka Pike, Supper Clubbers, Moo or Sky Carp. Then Beloit landed on: Sky Carp, a Midwestern nickname for geese. Apparently, the team landed on Sky Carp not only because of the quirky term’s supposed locality – a huge trend in minor league baseball at this moment – but because it showcases a non-migrating bird that “loves a spot and decides it’s not going to leave,” which leads into the once-tenuous team’s new motto: “#HereToStay.”

From the initial list of finalists, Sky Carp was defined as such: “A slang term for a goose that would rather stay home in Beloit in the winter than migrate south, the Sky Carp name whimsically represents the future of our city, a flourishing, innovative town so strong that no one wants to leave. With the new stadium’s riverside views, flyovers from flocks of sky carp will be common at games for years to come.”

“Our whole goal is to reverse migration of talent,” said Studer, who wrote a book called “Building a Vibrant Community” that details the economic viability of small- and mid-market cities.

“All of a sudden you have this goose that doesn’t migrate. What we want to do is create that type of community in Beloit and the Stateline area where people don’t leave, so we thought the Sky Carp really sort of symbolized what we’re trying to do and what everybody wants to accomplish locally. And nationally, we just think it’s a heck of a cool name with a cool brand.”

Located roughly 75 miles southwest of Milwaukee, the Snappers and Milwaukee Brewers had a long relationship from 1982-2004. Since the Class A franchise has worked with the Twins (2005-12) and Athletics (2013-20).

When Beloit was saved from elimination, it had to do two things: upgrade the quality of its ballpark and prove economic viability. As the smallest market in affiliated baseball, Beloit’s revenue streams are limited compared to others. Both sponsorships and attendance rely on local fans. Merchandise, however, can reach a much wider scale. With the Snappers’ sales declining, something had to be done.

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