The Trevor Project Rebrands A Brand Identity That Reflects A New Generation Of LGBTQ Young People

The Trevor Project, the world’s largest suicide-prevention and crisis-intervention organization has saved countless young LGBTQ lives since its founding in 1998.

Designed in collaboration with creative agency Kettle and unveiled during Suicide Prevention Awareness Month, the brand evolution emphasizes the organization’s lifesaving mission and commitment to its core demographic: LGBTQ young people under the age of 25.

As the next generation of LGBTQ youth comes of age, the nonprofit is acknowledging its evolution with a new look. The Trevor Project revealed a rebrand including a new logo, color palette, and imagery, in a launch that coincides with National Suicide Prevention Awareness Month.

“So many LGBTQ young people today are bold, authentic, and passionate about creating a better future. We want The Trevor Project brand to reflect this same spirit because the youths we serve are the heart and soul of our organization,” said Amit Paley, CEO & Executive Director at The Trevor Project.

“This brand refresh is so much more than a new look and feel. It’s the start of a new chapter that will allow us to scale and reach even more LGBTQ young people who need us. We’re excited to recognize Suicide Prevention Awareness Month with a new brand which will support us on our ambitious but crucial mission to end LGBTQ youth suicide,” Paley added.

“We’re [aiming to] speak to LGBTQ young people today in a way that resonates, affirms, and builds the trust and authority we need to push forward our mission,” Joshua Weaver, VP of marketing at the Trevor Project, told Campaign US.

The Trevor Project’s last rebrand took place in the early 2010s, which pushed the organization to consider a timely refresh.

“One thing we know about young people is that their preferences change, the way that they perceive [the world] changes their values and what they seek to uphold changes,” said Weaver.

The organization’s new identity and website were inspired by the rich and vibrant LGBTQ youth culture while preserving the legacy and ethos of The Trevor Project. The signature orange color has been elevated to a fresher, more modern shade that conveys optimism.

The updated logo is intended to appeal to the LGBTQ young people The Trevor Project serves while maintaining the organization’s strength and credibility as a leader in policy change, education, research, and allyship.

The star, a recognizable element of The Trevor Project’s former branding, represents hope in the form of a compass pointing upward and forward to represent LGBTQ young people’s strength and resilience as they navigate difficult emotions and circumstances.

The Trevor Project’s new website features an improved user experience built specifically with LGBTQ young people in mind. The website features a persistent “Reach A Counselor” button, ensuring LGBTQ young people can easily access The Trevor Project’s life-saving crisis services and educational resources. The new website also includes a “Quick Exit” feature for improved safety, which allows young people who have not disclosed their LGBTQ identity and/or live in unsupportive home environments to quickly close out of The Trevor Project’s website and simultaneously erase all Trevor-specific data from their browsing history.

“We did a lot of research to make sure we truly understood our different audiences,” Olivier Peyre said. “We had to ensure we understood and designed for both targets. We knew we had to create a digital-first brand that was optimistic and vibrant that would help make the brand more approachable.”

The Trevor Project and Kettle collaborated with LGBTQ artists to bring the brand visualization to life across the new website, Trevor’s social channels, and educational materials.

The partnership with Kettle was a true showcase of collaboration. Kettle led strategic research and brand foundation, brand creative, site design and development, and production for the full rebrand and site transformation.

Kettle set out to design a look and feel as bold as the mission and as vibrant as the community. From the calming textures to its welcoming new voice, Kettle helped The Trevor Project create a brand system to guide its organization, and set a definitive tone for the future.

The Trevor Project launched TrevorLifeline, the first 24/7 national hotline supporting LGBTQ youth in crisis, alongside HBO’s broadcast of the Academy Award-winning short film Trevor.

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