Xcede Group Undergo Major Reorganisation and Rebrand

Leading global recruitment organisation TechStream Group has undergone a major reorganisation and rebrand and is now operating as Xcede Group.

The group unveiled their new identity recently in line with the reorganisation, launching three new websites, refreshed logos, sales propositions, and visual communications to support their growth. Their two specialist recruitment brands are now Xcede and EarthStream.

In January 2020, Xcede, TechStream and Etonwood merged to form the TechStream Group, functioning with six brands: AutoStream, CloudStream, EarthStream, CyberStream, Xcede and Etonwood.

With Xcede and EarthStream, the group is now operating to support their vision of delivering excellence and expertise for their clients, candidates, and colleagues across 8 offices in 6 countries, including the U.K., Germany, the U.S., South Africa, Taiwan, and Singapore.

​​Culminating in the reorganisation, 2021 was a successful year for the group. The group celebrated a number of notable achievements, including their highest ever trading month in November 2021, and a net gain of over 25% headcount in 2021 to over 250 employees.

“Throughout the reorganisation and rebrand, we have also been working to streamline and improve operations across the group; we have undergone an overhaul of our systems and processes, including the introduction of new CRM and back-office technologies. Our headcount growth involved making a number of keys, significant hires across finance and HR, and we have also partnered with VERCIDA Consulting to launch our Diversity & Inclusion Board, to support the current and future workforce of the group,” the company announced on their website.

William Jacques, CEO of Xcede Group noted: “The Xcede Group is a premium recruitment partner, working with an outstanding client base across data, digital, tech, cyber, embedded and energy and renewables. This new Group is the culmination of a period of complex integration, and is very well positioned to continue its rapid expansion; we anticipate 50% growth in headcount in 2022. We offer our clients a level of expertise and knowledge that reflects in the continued repeat work we receive and underpins the new client wins made in the last 24 months. Our new talent solutions business is estimated to generate 15% of our overall NFI in 2022 which is phenomenal from a business started in the first quarter of 2021”.

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